Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Diamanté poem

          peak trail
     running, sweating,walking
smack from you tripping on the roots of the trees
        ending,eating drinking
        spot prizes, winning

Friday, 18 September 2015

Figure Of Eight

This is a figure of eight that room 13 needed to make to be able to go optimists yachting

Bow Line

This is a bow line and room 13 need to make one for our optimiss yachting

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Stitched Dots

  At school 12 Th of June our class did stitch dots.  
Neon paint

How we did it is we got wool paint and cardboard first we got the cardboard and picked a colour I picked red then we waited for it to dry next you get a diffrent colour I got green but before you wait for it to dry you need to get a scratcher and scratch lines and go over to the sink and get neon paint and slop some on not to much though. then get a perfect circle and put some lines around it about 3 cm long and poke with a pin were those dots are in the cardboard and get wool put it in the pin and start make pattern. tada!!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Show not tell
With 7 mins left to play,
I stop for the red light wasting time,
The girl in front will not go,
I start to wobble thinking about my big crash 1 week ago,
Stopping with my feet
Getting sweat on my handle
Slowly looking behind me
Counting in my head
Balancing from left to right,
Just as it’s green I
Go ahead,
When I’m zooming through a corner of sharpness
Moving my inside foot up
Like I was told to.
I bump
Up and down
high and low
Like a big scare
and with a sigh
It didn't fall
  And then
And then
And then
Just as I looked at my friend
We had to hop off.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Laser Force Was Usual Enough

Laser Force was usual enough; 
it  had
A big room, a vest and gun, and darkness
All over it, even a small arcade to play with when you finish the game. My cousins and friends did what
We always do - shooting all the green vest,running around,
Tried to win, dodged the reds trying to shoot us, hide in hiding spots
Hide in the fog, stay hidden, stay quiet,
Trying to hide in the dark, getting funny names
Play games in the arcade, saying our points
Doing nothing important.
Phoebe Maidens