Thursday, 1 September 2016

Olympics Trailer BBC Sports

I shake my legs and get into my starting position. My eyes in the dazzling black sky , paws sinking in the soil waiting nervously, I look to my other players then to the front. The Baboon screams.

I pounced out and run. As I see the other players, I creep through to first place. Keeping a steady pace I start to feel tired. I say to myself “ don't stop now I'm nearly finished.” Then... “ If I win will my country love me?” “ What if I lose it will be a let down.” Unconsecrated I start to see and hear other people! Thinking about the things I just said I go faster and faster. The cheers get louder and louder cheers get louder and louder. Although I was tired I see the finish line. As I finish, I congratulate the others. Then go to receive my gold.
Phoebe Maidens 23/8/16

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