Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Happy Christmas may I ask you questions
Do you really live in the North Pole?
Do you really have magic?
What's the weather like?
Are you reindeers good?
Do you live in a igloo?`
Are your elves good?
Are you good?

My family and I can’t wait until christmas but unfortunately my dad Peter (Pete)
Does not like christmas I do not know why. I really can’t wait for christmas!!
My brother Marco has only had 3 christmas’s and he wants to have more!
At christmas our friends and family come and celebrate christmas and my uncle from germany always comes for christmas we always have a pool day if it is nice weather.

This is my christmas list.
May I please have these things for christmas
Little live pets,
Real looking earrings,
A tummy stuffer,
I would really really like to be one of your elves,
My own hair things,
Nerf rebel,
Kinetic sand,
Membership on Animal Jam,
New epic clothes,
Magic kit,
Everything that you think i would like and would be allowed.
I would be wonderful if I could have those things.


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