Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pohangina River

This is my inquiry project, on the left side is the map of the Pohangina river. On the right side is facts. I have got a model of the Pohangina river, and key questions on the front.
We started this inquiry 2 weeks ago, we had to pick out of the Manawatu gorge track or the Pohangina river I chose the Pohangina river :)
I wanted to learn more about this topic because I am interested in rivers.
One of my key questions was what is the land use made up of ?
it is made up of 51% sheep and beef, 46% forest and 2% dairy.

The Couch

The Couch
Squishy couch, sinks in between my head.
Finding collectables in the 
cracks, things from years ago,
hair-ties, my old charm, 
bracelets and paper.
Ancient insects lying in the close dark sofa.
Ready to have a rest not knowing 
what lies
underneath them